Strategic Solutions

Training Needs Detections.

Structuring of training plans and programs.

Definition of training strategies.

Development Solutions

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  • Training Needs Detections (DNC). - We identify the strengths and opportunities of the organization and thus develop effective training plans, continuing with the ranking of training needs and define the objectives, which must be formulated in a clear, precise and measurable way, in such a way that later From the application of the program, it is possible to evaluate the results of the program. 
  • Structuring training plans and programs.- Once the DNC has been prepared, we determine the content to be developed and the techniques to be used, the programming, the classification of the groups or segments to be trained, the instructors who will develop the program, and the budget.
  • Definition of training strategies. - With all the analysis, we trace the path that will be followed to carry out the training through innovative didactic techniques: Storytelling, Gamification, Case method, Inverted learning, among others.
  • Collecting content. - We use a methodological rigor for documentation, we measure the information on specific variables in an established system, to derive in the generation of new content that allows answering relevant questions and evaluating their results.
  • Development of Instructional Scripts. - We adapt the content, structure it, define the form of presentation and define the type of resources to be used within the evolution of the content so that it is appropriate and usable within the virtual environment.
  • Developments. - The next step is to develop these contents, in the selected technological base, we will accompany them with multimedia complements that we will talk about in the next section.

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