Hosting with LMS.WE.BS

We use hosting for moodle instalations. 

Corporate platforms

Content development

Platform services

  • IMPLEMENTATIONS - We recommend hosting on servers, the option of a semi-dedicated or dedicated server will depend on the number of users and characteristics of the teaching.
  • CUSTOMIZING THE GRAPHIC THEME - The native moodle themes are customizable, we can apply to the theme its institutional or corporate image, colors, logos, photographs.
  • CONFIGURATION AND STRUCTURING - It is already installed and personalized, it is time to get the most out of it, configuring plugins focused on your goals and projects, categorizing and structuring the base to be able to receive your users in the most organized way possible.
  • LOADING CONTENTS - Uploading videos, files, SCORMS or H5P instructions are only part of the content upload, it also requires the configuration for the monitoring of the same, such as the number of attempts, the passing grade and the dependencies to serialize these contents.
  • MANAGEMENT - With everything ready, it is time to start, we train an administrator from your team to manage the users and the content and we complement with support in administration, gamification, usage analysis and recommendations for better use depending on the profile of your users end. 

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